Acne is among the most common skin ailments

Acne is among the most common skin ailments plentiful in our time, which troubles several age groups including teens and adults. There are many factors that may lead to it's outbreak.

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The primary root of the ailment is the unusual losing of cells inside the follicles. The shedding causes the creation of a cap which may expand or burst the follicle. When the follicle bursts, it splurges up it's oil and debris on top of the skin, an event that ultimately gives rise to conditions like swelling and inflammation.

Common skin bacteria which flourish on the skin surface can also cause acne. There is a specific acne causing bacterium which lives on the skin surface known as propionibacterium acnes. These bacteria in turn produce substances which can irritate the skin or cause inflammation. They are also known to create enzymes which react with the sebum or the oil producing oil glands by dissolving them into skin irritants. They make any inflammation even worse.

An acne breakout might be a result of hormonal imbalance. Androgens, a male hormone is thought about as the first culprit for acne. This hormone notwithstanding being a male hormone is present in both males as well as females. These hormones cause an enlargement of the oil producing glands and even increase the sebum production. Increase in sebum at last leads to clogged skin pores, which serves as a breeding zone for causative organisms. Androgen hormone is most active during puberty. It is also responsible for expansion of hair in the armpits and pubic hair.

Contrarily, the female hormone estrogen is more likely to have positive effects on acne in girls. The menstrual cycle occurs because of periodically altering hormone levels in a woman's body. Acne breakouts follow these hormonal fluctuations, with the condition improving or worsening as the cycle continues. Nearly all doctors prescribe an anti acne product in combination with contraceptive tablets in order to deal with acne while maintaining proper levels of the beneficial estrogen hormones at the same time.

The genetic composition of your family might also play a part in your getting acne. If either of your oldsters has gone thru the condition at any point in their lives, you are also certain to get infected at some time. However, the precise genetic factor responsible for this disease is still to be determined.

There are some substances that are known to aggravate acne. Amidst numerous other substances, it is oily food and chocolates that are considered as primary culprits. But this is just a parable and these foods have no connection with your acne condition.

Diet, stress and lack of skin friendly vitamins may be in charge of an acne breakout.

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