Is Fasting Safe? Getting the Facts Straight

Some people nowadays are going to the extremes, depriving themselves of food to lose weight that a lot are asking, is fasting safe? This can be confusing because there are some who will say that this is the best way to go while others are very much against the idea. Here are some facts which will help you answer the question is fasting safe?

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Is Fasting Safe? What the Medical World Thinks

One of the things that some people do not really understand about fasting is the fact that you will not eat anything. How is fasting safe if you are starving yourself, after all? But that is not what this is all about. Here are some things you should know about fasting.


  • Fasting is not about not eating. You still have to eat, you just choose which:
  • Water fasting drinking water only
  • Juice fasting drinking various fruit and vegetable juices only
  • Intermittent fasting eat stop eat sort of fast


  • For the first two types (water and juice fasting), three days would be the maximum length of time for you to do this. Longer than that and you will suffer health consequences already.


  • Preparation is very much needed if you decide to go on a fast. A week, at least, is needed to warm up your body for what you will put it through. Dont rush this, but don't drag it out either.


Now, a lot of the members of the medical world especially the more traditional ones may not agree to the idea behind this yet. However, there are more and more professionals who are seeing sense in this.


Is Fasting Safe? Then Lets Make This Safe

Now, a lot of those working in the medical field know very well that there are still a lot of people who will go for this weight loss diet despite the harm and all. That is why they have researched on the right way to fast and shared to everyone else how to go about it.


  • One of the ways to ensure healthy safe fasting is to go and consult your doctor first. Knowing if your body can really handle the severity of this practice is very important.


  • Is fasting safe for certain people? Yes, and it is not for some. Pregnant women, breast-feeding mothers and those who have their monthly menses should not go through this. Diabetes, Hypertension and being underweight are conditions which will contraindicate you to do this.


Is fasting safe? It may not be as safe as other sorts of diet made available, but a lot of people are going for this sort. If you can't beat them, join them, they always say. So this perhaps, is what doctors are doing nowadays ensuring that people will follow a safe way to fast rather than go too Pro Ana when they feel like it.


So, is fasting safe? If you follow all the most important tips provided and understood everything there is to know about this practice then yes, it will surely be safe for you.


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