My life has invited me back

My life has invited me back into the fray of things, it feels like. I have been lovingly cocooned in my safe island home and now yoga, doctors, meetings and work are all beckoning for me to tackle them with more intensity.

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Life is presenting me with everything I need right now, I just have to surrender and wake up. How I got here without bigger injuries is sheer grace. I am baffled at times by how patient and determined the universe can be for me, when I have lost all faith.

I'm enrolled in a new 90 day hot yoga program, I'm two days in. Day 1 was unsteady, but my ankles held strong. Day 2 was fierce, and I am aware that a year and a half after my injury it still exists. I haven't sought treatment, but there must be a small strain or tear in the outer support tendon of my right ankle. Not fun when you try to balance or lunge.

The injury is better than it was, so I'm going to class tomorrow with an ankle brace and a willingness to work slow with my body, not against it. I'm trying, with all my heart will and soul to work through this and all the work that life is presenting me with right now.

I woke up with no more faith, but like manna I've been fed throughout the day. I beg of the God that protects me that I continue to be nurtured back to strength and that I may see my soul's purpose in a way that I can understand it.

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