All in all, a good trip for me.

All in all, a good trip for me. I came home, happily stocked and arranged my new tool bag, and took a nap.

The day became a little bit blacker (mood-wise)for me this afternoon, though. I got two letters in the postal mail. One was an unexpectedly large bill from my dentist. You see, I recently got some new crowns (finally), that I had needed for a long, long time. I was not surprised to see a bill in the mail, as I had suspected that my dental insurance would not pay as much as my dentist's office had estimated they would. What I had not expected was that my dental insurance would pay exactly nothing for the work.

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Now, I'm not new to this insurance company tactic. Unfortunately. And I can't say that my past experience makes me now view this type of response from a huge mega-company with any greater degree of equanimity than I used to. I was a bit ticked off. Even more so after huffily looking up my claims and benefit information online and in the printed material to make sure I was in the right. Turns out, as near as I can figure, that yes, they should have paid some . But due to other limitations notwithstanding the maximum annual benefit amount, which I was cognizant of, they also have a coverage limit of one count them one crown per year. Okay, yes, I should have done more research if I'd expected a better outcome. Doesn't make me hate my insurance company any less right now, though.

As I said, they still should pay some. I looked up the phone number and called them, then chatted for a while with their automated system. Once I reached the limits of it's usefulness, however, I lost patience and finally said, "Representative."

"Okay," the perky female voice said. "Please wait while I connect you with a customer service specialist." After a mercifully short wait, another voice came on. I had double-checked the customer service hours before calling. Good, I had seen, they're open 7 days a week for extended hours during this time of year. Uh, except, evidently, on Black Friday. The voice said the office is closed for the holiday. It hung up on me.

Have you ever noticed these types of situations seem to always come up on holiday weekends and late Friday afternoons, so that the pain and upset must be drawn out for days until you can even begin to work out a resolution?

So anyway, as I mentioned before, I got 2 letters in the mail today. One was the huge bill from my dentist, essentially indicating to me that my insurance company had grinned and given me the finger by proxy.

I looked at the second letter. It was from my insurance company. Great, I thought, what now?

It stated that I may be due for a colorectal cancer screening. I should contact my doctor to discuss my options, it said one of which may be getting a colonoscopy.

Nice, I thought.

So on the same day, from two different sources, not only did my insurance company flip me the bird and tell me they've denied a claim that they actually should be partly responsible for, but they also suggested that I should get something shoved up my @$$.

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