So hot! Swim time!

The temperature is rising in Brussels! I'm sweating my pants off..3 fans turned on at home and I'm still sweating. Sitting on leather sofas is a bad idea in this heat! Naturally, when it is this hot, one will always look for something coldice cream!!! Yes!! Ice cream is really delicious!! Cools you down..but unfortunately only for a little while. Too much of those and your insulin level goes BOING!!!..the waistline expands and the weight goes up..UH HUH, am sure you get my gist..LOL.

So, I started googling for swimming pools I could use near home and I found Darwin Aqua Club! As the name suggest, it's located at Rue Darwin. Not a very big pool but I liked it as it is intimate and not crowded. In fact, there wasn't anyone! However, there are only specific time where you could go for a swim..this is because the pool is used for kids swimming classes, aqua fitness etc. My advice is to call ahead before going. I can't really share their schedules either as they said the schedule changes all the time. Not very practical but I don't mind it so much.

Cute isn't it? Although small, I enjoyed myself very much. The water was just perfect, not cold and not too warm. If you live around the area, try iteven a short 30min swim could be very refreshing in this heat.

Entrance showcasing some clay art. I am not sure if they sell these or if they provide classes for clay modelling etc..will find out next time.

Posted in Dentistry Post Date 04/23/2017