Down syndrome Must Not Be Forgotten! Where was the Government On World Downs syndrome Day?

The name of my blog is Voices for Down syndrome and that is what I intend to do. Please forgive the flow of this particular blog as my brain and emotions are running full speed! First thing this morning on my way to work I heard about the State of Florida passing a bill to support the therapy needs of poor children with Down syndrome.

Did this anger me? Of course it did! Why wouldn't it! First the state of Florida does very little for children with Down syndrome. Never mind passing a bill that will support their therapy needs. Second this bill was signed in observance of World Autism Day! Where was the Government on World Down syndrome day? Google it, you will find very little!

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We don't like to think about our children being discriminated against or forgotten about but today that is exactly what the state of Florida Did. The state of Florida passedthis bill that makes children with Autism to receive therapy services (ABA ) to be specific through the medicaid program.

What the government is saying is that children with Autism, according to new research, have a good chance at out growing the Autism ( to Bloom) as long as interventions and therapies are in place during the early years. So as a parent with a child with Down syndrome what makes them any different then our children. Our children with Down syndrome can also "Bloom" if given the opportunities. But to many times our society , our government has ignored them. They would rather kill them off and not be born at all!

It angers me that our society can discriminate against any child with a developmental disability. Shouldn't all our children receive the same services? Now remember these services are only for those that are below or at the poverty line. If you make any more than that you are still at the mercy of your health insurance. So we also have a discrimination against social classes.

What the government forgets is that most insurance companies only cover up to a certain amount of therapyannually and it is definitely not enough to make the difference in the life of a child.

Not only did we not see our leaders taking part in World Down syndrome Day on March 21 , but not one bill was passed to help our children. Some local news stations might have had something but on a national level what attention did it get? Very little!!

As parents and advocates for Down syndrome we need to speak up. Our children need not be forgotten! They deserve the same rights and treatments as any other child with a disability. If children with Autism can receive behavior therapy why can't a child with Down syndrome or another developmental disorder. All these children can benefit yet we only hear about Autism.

Maybe the government is trying to hide something or cover up; who knows. What I do know is this, I can not sit here and be quiet while my society continues to ignore my son and others with Down syndrome.

It is not just the government though. We have schools, after-school programs, national and local media, national and local governments, counties, big cities, small cities, all celebrating world Autism Day today. We do not see that for Down syndrome. What we see in the headlines is new abortion laws, and prenatal testing, and Doctors convincing women that their child needs to be aborted because they may have Down syndrome.

Please people I can not be the only one that sees this!! WE have to start making some noise WE can no longer sit back while our children are forgotten, neglected, and even worse killed before they even have a chance at life. They deserve the same chances as children with Autism! WE have to start fighting for them! WE have to get our media, our governments and our communities involved!!!

Am I angry yes!

My son has been without therapies now for years. Other than what the school provides he has received little to none. He is not the only one!! There are hundreds of children with Down syndrome that do not receive the proper therapies and support services due to insurance and lack of funds.

WEcan make a change and a difference if when and only when asa country, as a community, and those that Love people with Down syndrome join together, become aggressive for equal rights, and speak as loudly as possible.

Please do not keep this information to your self. Share it with someone who is not familiar with Down syndrome. Share it with a colleague and ask them to share. Share it with the guy at the Starbucks counter! Share it with your mailman! As advocates we tend to share among each other we have to start thinking outside the box!! Outside our comfort zone if we are going to fight strong for our children.

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Posted in Dentistry Post Date 05/02/2017