Life Lessons

Wow! what an adventure I'm having. Life is a long winding road full of surprises and I've learned a thing or two along the way. Here's the way I look at it and the things I want my children to know

Happiness is a choice. ALWAYS choose happiness.

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Be Happy and live deliberately. Be clear about what you want and stay true to yourself. Take time to really know who you are, meditate or take some time out of each day for stillness and solitude.

You can choose what you let into your life. We are constantly bombarded with visions of hate, war, and violence but what you read, watch, and listen to, is up to you. It is your choice.

Be Grateful. Take time every day to see the beauty all around you. Even though you might think your surroundings are dull and cold, if you take a moment and really open your eyes you will see color everywhere you look.

Really connect with the people in your life. Don't waste another day. Don't just think it: Tell people that you love them and that they make a difference to your life. Write it on a Pie!

Strengthen your bonds to your family and your community. When you are part of a tribe, you free yourself from the isolation of modern life, and becoming part of a community not only gives you love, strength and support, it also provides you with the opportunity to give back.

Broaden your perspective and know that the way that you choose to live is not the only way to live. We are, all of us, on our own personal journey of discoverylearning different things at different rates.

Never stop learning and growing. Strive each day to be the best version of You and welcome each new challenge as an opportunity for growth and self discovery.

Respect your body. Sleep well, exercise every day, drink water and remember everything you put into your body affects you in some way. If not immediately, then in years to come.

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