How I became pain-free

I want to share with you my very recent win. I have completely healed from my Achilles-tendinitis or chronic pain in my heels. This is my journey from being able to walk not more than 10 meters at a stretch to now walking for 10 km at a stretch with ease.

What started with minor discomfort in my heels soon turned into acute pain. Walking for even as less as 10 meters felt like punishment. Pain was just not physical, I was also going through emotional stress and self-judgement. "I am a pain-relief coach. Shouldn't I have it all figured out?" I gave my-self permission to complain and rant as much as I want for one last time. Complain and rant I did. And then, once I felt lighter, I decided to listen to and heal my body with patience. These are the tools I used.

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Get it out of your mind and on the paper:

This is my most loved tool. 90 -95% of our thoughts are subconscious. Which means, it is our sub-conscious that runs the show. And because it is sub-conscious you can do nothing about it until somehow you make it conscious. But before that we have to dump the unwanted thoughts and frustrations from the conscious part of our brain. And this tool does just that. All you have to do is write 3 pages about how you are feeling and other things that come in your mind. You will be surprised by the revelations and the insights.

Breathe into the pain and stop resisting:

Stop resisting your pain or numbing out. Whenever you find yourself doing that, just breathe into your pain. Remember "That you resist, persists" and "everything is constantly changing". And affirm "even this shall pass" and "It is safe to feel the pain". I know this is much easier said than done but in Sara "I wanna see you be brave".

How will your life look once the pain is healed?

This one is really fun and easy. So go ahead and day dream. How will you life be different once you body is completely healed? How will it change your social life, career, relationships, self-esteem, confidence? What will you with all that extra energy and health? What activities would you love to involve yourself in? How will your normal day with your ideal health look like?

Once you have got a clear picture, visualize. Visualize. And visualize some more.

Are you letting your pain define you?

Physical pain is painful but we add suffering to that when we start creating unhelpful stories around it. Unhelpful stories like "I am in pain and that makes me a failure. I am in pain and that means god is punishing me. I am in pain and it is just another evidence that life is a continuous struggle."

What is your story? Stories are never facts, they are just stories. Always choose helpful ones. Collect at least 3 evidences why your story is NOT true?

What is so perfect about the pain?

You might ask- how can pain be perfect? Pain can be perfect for someone because, it serves as an excuse for not doing something that otherwise one HAVE had to do. Might be because it helps you draw attention and makes your feel special. Or might be for some other reason.

Write down at least 3 ways in which your pain is serving you.

What does it tell about your world view?

Everything in your life is a mirror that reflects your beliefs and inner stories. If you go to a feng-shui consultant, she will tell you house reflects what's going on in your life. Similarly, your body, which is your soul's dwelling, reflects what is going on in your conscious and sub-conscious mind.

After much digging I realized, pain in my heels was making it difficult for me to do my favourite thing- walking, just like life has been presenting hurdles in my way of living my life the way I wanted to. It was a big "aha!" moment for me. I became aware of my belief that "one has to fight to live a live a life worth living". My story was "I can't trust anyone to support me. I need to support myself and fight for what I deserve." Once I became aware, it was easy. I just had to prove my stories wrong and I am very good at doing that.

So,how is your pain story perfect refection of other stories you have been telling yourself?

What other messages is your body trying to give you?

Pain and disease is nothing but your body trying to communicate with you. Your body wants to draw your attention to your thoughts that are no longer serving you. Your body is most trustworthy and loyal friend you will ever know. All you need to heal your body is to interpret this message and act upon it.

For me, the message was to work towards forgiving certain people in my life. To completely accept the masculine aspectof me. (Every individual has both masculine and feminine aspects within themselves. And only when both the aspects are balanced, we can truly be whole.)

Three ways to interpret the message/s are

-You can meditate on on this question and listen to your intuition for the answer.

-You can refer to energy system (chakra system) to provide to some guidance. Or refer to one of the books where body parts and corresponding painful beliefs mapping has been shared. One such book is "Heal your body" by Louise Hay.

-Consult a mind-body coach. (I used the mind-body tools, same as that I use with my clients, to help me understand my body's message.

The journey from pain to pain free sometimes takes several months and lot of inner work. But, trust me, it is very very very rewarding. All those stories that you untold, in the process, does magic to all the aspects of your life it touched. And that is the biggest reward of this process. More joy. More peace.


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