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Aspen Oral Surgery is your trusted partner to deliver complex treatment tailored to each individual patient. Dr. Cloutier believes that the best patient care ultimately begins with open communication between your team and his for proper treatment planning. Combined with his surgical expertise, you can be assured that your patients are in good hands. Dr. Cloutier and his team understand that some procedures may be stressful for your patients and they are highly trained to provide comfort to your patients with good chairside manner and administering intravenous sedation when needed. Feel free to share this option that will help them relax during their treatment. You can be sure that all their questions and yours will be answered to their satisfaction prior to engaging in your planned treatment via a team approach. At Aspen Oral Surgery, we take pride in giving you and your patient peace of mind throughout the treatment process from start to finish and beyond.

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Depending on your patient needs, we can help your with implantology, extraction of wisdom teeth, oral and orthognathic surgery and several other treatments. We invite you to visit our services page to learn more about the care we can provide to your patients. Referrals are accepted via completion of the Referral Form Online and we may contact your patient directly to expedite your patient care. Alternatively, feel free to call us at ***** or you may direct your patients with a hard copy referral for to call our team. Your referral is the highest vote of confidence and we are pleased to work with you as a team.

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