Why intravenous sedation?

In comparison with other sedation services, intravenous sedation has many advantages. For example, the medication effect is felt very quickly unlike oral sedation. The amount of medication can be increased quickly if needed and the effects will be felt promptly. The local anesthesia is always used simultaneously with intravenous sedation. However, the local anesthetic is administered after the patient is sedated

When is intravenous sedation needed?

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will ask the patient some questions to evaluate his anxiety level. It is available for all types of oral procedure ranging from a simple tooth removal to a more extensive procedure. Intravenous sedation is ideal for extraction of teeth, such as wisdom teeth, for placement of dental implants and for other office-based surgical interventions. If you want to have more information about intravenous sedation, we invite you to ask to our surgeon. It will be his pleasure to answer any questions you may have.


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